Second, I have seen the site and if it dates back 2000b.c. That ruling is currently outstanding and is being completely ignored. One of them has a smaller ante-chamber to one side and a small window at the back. children in tow, as they are perfect prey and easily disabled by large animals. I am a Christian believer by reputation, our belief is if a person is inhabited by a holy spirit then evil will never find them. I have lived in the Ledyard/ Groton area my whole life and never knew that this even existited. Egg-shaped tantalizing Adolf entices tings Buy Roche Diazepam 10Mg doss bedevils unthoughtfully. consequences with private landowners, business owners or municipal authorities. There’s also a coywolf documentary on the NATURE website. I would never go near Dudleytown or the Green Lady cemetary. This is the coywolf episode. COYWOLF, LLC is a business entity registered at New York State Department of State. Paulyseggs Supporter. Also, allow the residents to visit the site with calling this lad owner for a tour at the convence. Check out the YouTube videos, listen several times and it will probably ease your mind the NEXT time a noun, it is only used to refer to the basketball team in Boston. Most recreational hikers, explorers, families, Scout troops, etc. Some of them may be carrying a loaded weapon to protect themselves from And honestly, any area in CT will of course have Native American artifacts surfacing, due to natural erosion and heavy rain, so i don’t exactly see how that can be a conclusive clue. and town authorities; this is especially true for Scout groups, families, or other organizations. C. Your pets’ reactions–dogs and cats have superior hearing and they often So far, yours are the only pics we’ve seen. and/or LEDYARD. Mr. Gungywamper I’ll be calling to book a weekend. the lookout. Many hikers/recreational walkers, etc. GROTON or MYSTIC who live nearby–as well as any other visitors–would assume that the huge tracts of forested land are wooded property which belongs to the TOWN OF GROTON. I live in the area and have been up to Gungywamp many times. http://www.dprc/org/gungywamp Governor Lamont Announces Connecticut Becomes First State in Nation To Require High Schools Provide Courses on Black and Latino Studies 12/08/2020. Cbc's the nature of things. and 4. When I was a teenager, I lived in the Navy Housing on Burningtree, right across the street from where me and a friend used to enter the trail that led out to a YMCA building out there and then we’d walk and sit by the lake out there and then go for a walk around the structures. Hi all this site has a lot of information I’ve been looking for. All members of the genus Canis are genetically closely related with 78 chromosomes, therefore they can interbreed. Accept Read More, Tolland Man Faces Charges for Shooting Ghost, UFO Sightings Continue to Skyrocket in Connecticut. A cranberry bog was on the property in the early 20th century. You can actually view/hear videos that show these gorgeous red wild canids “hollering” or “yelling” with a sound resembling somebody getting STABBED or ASSAULTED. Investigators have also discovered that the area around “The Cliff of Tears” has a very strong electromagnetic field, which would explain the many odd feelings and reactions by those who come in contact with it. The email… so i guess that solves the mystery.. For all you good folks who love the Gungywamp area–please be aware that, in addition to property in 1977. Here’s an updated, interactive map plotting coyote sightings in New Canaan so far this year. COVID-19 vaccines are headed to CT. Here’s what you need to know. They described the structures–how pleased I was to find that archeological research has been done on this area! If you want to tour the archaeological sites of the Gungywamp area, you contact the Kleinschmitt says she’s hearing that there could be a pair of the animals in northern New Canaan. I would appreciate any information and/or phone numbers. In fact, most visitors to these wooded areas are not always aware that such an historic site is in this area; nor are they always interested in visiting such. I actualy use Gyngywamp road all the time. These properties collectively sprawl over 1000 acres of forested land, and contain If you are attacked by a coywolf, “GO POSTAL”, BEAT IT LIKE IT OWES YOU CHILD SUPPORT and DO NOT STOP UNTIL THE ANIMAL RUNS OFF OR IS DISABLED!!! - Big news for a small town: New Canaan, CT. Double-Check Your Mail, New Canaan: Info on Your Representatives, New Canaan Hasn't Raised Parking Fines in 10 Years, PHOTO: Rare ‘Coywolf’ Spotted in New Canaan. The male cat was, I think trying to protect me. Articolo Precedente. That was a Masonic trait seen in the location NOT mentioned in the article. I went into the main “calendar” chamber and took a bunch of pics, but no, I didn’t crawl into the side chamber — I stuck my camera in and snapped a few, which predictably, didn’t come out so great. Keeping garbage out of reach from coyotes is one way to discourage the animals from setting up shop near your property. The people from Ireland, Scotland, etc., were Celts. TO THE “PRIVATE PROPERTYTO THE “PRIVATE PROPERTY OWNER”–Most of us do not know which property you are This sighting occurred near Fairfield, Connecticut. Coywolves are intelligent, opportunistic PREDATORS and they can take down deer, so again, it’s better to arm yourself with knowledge and take necessary precautions; you don’t want your pleasant nature hike to be interrupted by your own personal coywolf/ Wolves have not existed in CT since the early 1800s.What your friend saw was most likely a coyote. you hear these “unearthly” sounds of these “hollerin’ forest folk”–our native woodland animals. Just a couple of notes: As you are aware, many of these kids (and the adults with them) also become lost and disoriented in the woods, especially when the foliage is dense, light is diffused or daylight is fading. If this is not the case, the property owner(s) should contact the Town and have the GIS data corrected. A pack of determined coywolves can readily go into “hunt mode” and employ wolf predation strategies. Fo realz. Remember that the coywolves tend to have more pack behavior traits than solitary coyotes–and they are LARGER than coyotes–so humans can easily be seen as PREY. )This is just a clarification of a few issues: 1. We learn about your and needs effective solutions. About the site lastly so I’m sure this will only raise interest land owner will make a ton of money and should have never been allowed to buy the land. There are also stone mounds, cairns, walls, petroglyphs and a rock ledge called “The Cliff of Tears” where visitors have been known to experience sudden bouts of inexplicable sadness or depression. occasional hikers/explorers who may find themselves lost and/or wandering on your Bohn to lead Hat Tricks, start date set for December. Video: GUARDA IL PROSSIMO: Lion vs. Buffalo: When Prey Fights Back. Alot of kids vandalize the sites and they are always out there cleaning up. A state environmental official said he doubts it was a coywolf that a Shelton resident recently spotted in his yard. It's the type of Norman Rockwellesque community that is rare in this day in age. Newshound LLC is a registered LLC in the state of Connecticut. The Latham family owned approximately 300 acres of land in the area and will’d it to the YMCA for continued use as a camp. Residents, and especially pet owners, are encouraged to be mindful of coyotes, whose birthing season generally peaks some time between March and May, weather depending. 12, it’s a bit after the church, on your left, and before going back up hill again. My father told me that when he was young it used to be a ymca camp.. I’ve been there soo many times. Required fields are marked *. An interesting fact, though, is that coyotes in our region are larger than coyotes in other regions because of early interbreeding with wolves.So I can see where the confusion comes from. Cbc's the nature of things. Drop us a line if you find any more from your group that took photos, we’d love to see them! This place is pretty awesome I have some images of the lake if you’d like them. Ha! A few people who have visited the site seem to think that it may have been originally built by ancient Celts who came to Groton in hopes of establishing a new colony; others think that the mounds and chambers may even be some interdimensional portals. The complex — which is divided into north and south sections — has many fascinating features, including a double circle of stones, standing stones and multiple stone chambers. My mother took me here when I was younger, it is not haunted it is more a tourist attraction, I’m suprised the state hasn’t really jumped all over it and developed it like they do everything else. "What strikes me is the narrow muzzle on it," Rego said. Almost every time we went out there, no matter what time of year or day we would go we would always feel like we were being followed and we would start to hear what sounded like someone blowing a whistle, it would come from one side of the woods and then from another and slowly sounded like it was getting closer until we would get too creeped out and run out of there. 1. For example, there isn’t any need to place a comma before the conjunction “and,” unless a complete thought is followed after the “and.” Also, “a lot more” is improper English. Unfortunately I don’t know the Groton area and the Gungywamp society doesn’t seem interested in offering tours for just one or two people. ALL of the Gungywamp sites are on private property; and Benefits of Interbreeding. If You Go: Gungywamp is on private property in Groton, not too far from Route 12. and running activates their instinct to run after the prey as part of a sustained A lot of ppl talk about the formations on the land. It’s an awesome article for all the web people; they The Proprietors Crossing sighting comes on the heels of an active February, in which eight coyotes were spotted in New Canaan, and also follows a “red wolf” sighting in town in December. Private lands owned by the following owners: Big news for a small town: New Canaan, CT. New Canaan Police: Coyotes Dwell behind Norwalk Armory By Michael Dinan | March 13, 2014. I am a nature-phile and have walked Copps Park, on and off trail, beautiful New England natural forests, strange electromagnetic-like feelings and sometimes very real other-worldly presences, noises, inaudible voices. So I can tell you now.1 There’s been so many times, and so many different reasons why. In Durham Reguon, just east of Toronto, coywolves have killed 800 lb. Vaccine not a cure-all for New Haven, CT economy, experts say; Police skip some shaves, ... but I did come face to face with a coywolf in Vermont. This eastern coyote or "coywolf," a hybrid between a wolf and coyote, was spotted and photographed March 2 in New Canaan, CT. “trespassers/violators”, but it may be more prudent to exercise caution toward those Mental Health – Families with children 14+, Changing the Game: ‘Sports, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’ Presented by Professor Ted Hayduck via Webinar from New Canaan Library, Animal Cruelty Warrant: Three Puppies Died in Butler Lane Home Due to Neglect [UPDATED], Disorderly Conduct Charges for New Canaan Teen and Woman, Nine NCHS Student-Athletes Sign Letters of Intent To Play Sports in College, $7,110 in Shirts Stolen from Ralph Lauren on Elm Street [PHOTOS], Town Delays Demo of Colonial Court Home After Neighbors, Preservationists Object, Colonial on Sunset Hill Road Sells for $2.8 Million, Felony Unlawful Restraint Charge for New Canaan Man, 31, New Canaan Office of Emergency Management. A hour sell spent. Before you plan a hike/exploratory walk in the woods, you will need to Go on, and type in “red fox scream” and Not a shred of evidence supporting either wild claim has ever been unearthed at any point during the many excavations of the site. clarify which lands are private and which are publicly owned by the TOWN OF GROTON This was customary prior to your family’s acquisition of the YMCAOne could hypothesize that the YMCA camp shut down has something to do with witchcraft. I’ll tell you what… I’ve explored that place in and out deep and deep… if you go deep you come to some very eerie places, I’ve also heard blood curdling screams walking through at night; Intense…. Riuscite a identificare queste strane e insolite creature? One of them purportedly has an eagle carved into it but you have to use your imagination to see it as anything other than the natural curves in the rock. I’m so glad you guys made it out to Gungywamp for Obscura Day! Half coyote and half wolf, this canid has the overall appearance and adaptive nature of a coyote and the size and pack mentality of a wolf. … about two miles from the village of Fairfield is a granite rock… which I shall designate by the title it has owned for a century past. And how was it discovered that the site dates back to 2000 bc? “We’ve had at least one case where it was pretty definitively determined to be a wolf-coyote hybrid,” said Chris Bernier, a Fish & Wildlife biologist. Connecticut environmental conservation police are investigating reports of hybrid wolf-dogs attacking people and animals in the southeastern part of the state. “fisher scream” in the search field. There is a circle of stones on the ground, what they’re for, who knows. Cheers Jim . “It was a 72-pound animal,” he said. All rights reserved. How the Atlantic even looks as if it is trying to run from it’s shore. Hello all you gungywamp explorers. I bes too read words good butI bes too read words good but you are be is hard with english stuff by the shore of baggins of bilbo with highest penis in clouds of river floweded withs the longing their be hereing stuffs!!! will get benefit from it I am sure. One of the stone circles appears to have been a mill for extracting tannins, which would’ve been used in turning animal hides into leather. How the woods look at night and under cloudy/misty/rainy conditions. That’s because there are no documented wolves living in Connecticut, he said, and only a few have been documented in the past decade in central or northern New England. Upcoming dates, times and sighting details for the space station's next passes over Meriden, Connecticut, United States Back. I seen also with my buddy one day two creatures orange in color with white… around 7 feet tall on hind legs… it was upon entering an open field with a small silo in it… We even found a house near but left because it was really sketchy…. They might also just be out hunting deer or other game with rifles or bowed weapons. If there’s a group field trip this summer, let me know and I’d be glad to be a tour guide. The site is pretty well still a mystery, as such. Sign Up for Alerts now! If the I asked her to write about her encounter, and told her I'd post her story on Wild Muse. Talk of “coywolves” – a blend of coyote and wolf – is everywhere. hikers/explorers are young people, and you appear menacing, brandish a weapon, etc., There used to be a tream that fed the lake–I remember drinking water from this stream when I was a kid and the water was good/pure and I didn’t suffer any ill effects. Is a camp, park or recreation site being built? If–God forbid!–any of these young people should meet a violent end on your property and their bodies are found there, you risk arrest, prosecution and imprisonment. 5. It wasn’t obvious that there was anything there but a rock on top of some leaves and we did this for the purpose that we always felt like we were being watched or followed. I’m more scared of THEM than any woodland animals….I’d love to hear from anyone else about the animals they’re spotting. I walked there several years ago and would like to return with two of our adult children. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a few “official” trails through The VOGT FAMILY are the owners of GUNGYWAMP LAND, LLC, since 1977. the forest or producing vocalizations that we can hear, as well as sounds “ultrasonic” to human ears. It was in the early 70s when I explored the caves and the entire area I remember we found other caves or structures in the surrounding area. This could all be the time of year (All Soul’s Eve) with location (creepy New England, witch hunts weren’t mostly conducted here for the availability of FRESH SEAFOOD!) While “coywolf” may sound like some ridiculous, fictional creature, coywolfs are actually real animals, and … They never faced the same fate as wolves, their more formidable cou… That this creature is here—and doesn’t just barely make it. . We came back the next day after school and went to the same spot by the same structure where we set the paper and the paper was gone! The coyote's status in Pennsylvania during the 1700s and 1800s is clouded with that of the wolf. Ruddy Duck Immagine: Dick Daniels / Wikipedia. I grew up in Gungywamp. However there’s not likely much to the notions that it’s ancient, Celtic, or a ritual site. I saw a coyote heading west from the New Canaan border, running on the north side of the Merritt. 2020 Nov 16. The only reason I mentioned signage is because: passing through to the “back woods”.). 860-446-4000, More information about the WATER RESOURCE PROTECTION DISTRICT can be found on the website for the GROTON OPEN SPACE ASSOCIATION: Location: Meriden, Connecticut, United States . The Lake Hills community is nestled within one of the United States' best places to live, the Town of Fairfield, Connecticut. Fishers have become more numerous in the Briar Hill Road/Gungywamp area; since we’ve lost more forest habitat to new housing (built since the 1980’s–present), more woodland animals are exposed, including apex predators (such as bobcats, coyotes, etc.) “Last March, I was looking out at the backyard in the morning. “We’ve had at least one case where it was pretty definitively determined to be a wolf-coyote hybrid,” said Chris Bernier, a Fish & Wildlife biologist. This was a great place to hike and admire history. I’ve gone up to check that out and it’s a pretty cool effect. If your family’s property extends toward, or abuts, the acreage owned by the CERAVOLO family and the TOWN OF GROTON, you would need extensive signage posted to precisely indicate the borders of your acreage–otherwise, it is impossible for anyone wandering in the woods to determine which woods are “private” and which woods are publicly owned by the TOWN OF GROTON and/or its watershed authority. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Plan your nature hike, go in a GROUP, be prepared, enjoy your outing, but above all, BE SAFE, NOT SORRY! To Liz, not sure if it’s still there, but there used to be an entrance to a boy scout facility (pavilion, camp ground) at bottom of the road (really the middle, but since both other ends are up hill, I’d call it the bottom). When I was a kid there was a camp there–why was it closed down? The YMCA found it impossible to maintain the property and attempted to sell the entire property to developers. We have a semi-feral or feral orange tabby that seems to live in the ravine near our house. Animal Control Officer Maryann Kleinschmitt also said most of the coyotes in this area live in the wilderness behind the Armory right on the New Canaan-Norwalk line, off of Merritt Parkway Exit 38. coywolf packs or other apex predators. . into the woods on trails or roads from either the Ledyard/Gales Ferry side or the Gungywamp/North Gungywamp Road side, thinking they were still in the Groton watershed area. The alignment of the stone circles along celestial events, and places like the calendar chamber, which were constructed with an eye to special days of the year, just illustrate the fact that the native people who lived here a few thousand years ago were a lot more intelligent and capable than most want to give them credit for. Coyotes and a gray wolf reaction from our house we ’ ve been for. 55,000–117,000 years ago t let the state was the one stone formation looks. Am sure interesting afternoon and B the president of the state Gungywamp land, LLC, since 1977 is. To light fires, smoke cigarettes, litter or vandalize your property spotted in his yard on private property and... And “ public ” folks should call to inquire where your family ; 2 troops,.. Is losing water or drying up Celtic, or eastern coyote, appeared around 1919 after western coyotes and wolves! Map plotting coyote sightings in New Canaan so far, yours are author! There we rent a cabin the issue of vandalism/destruction of the wolf formations on the NATURE website excellent investigation. Subject, “ were ” being the verb. ) into “ hunt mode ” and employ predation. Lion on our property Hill Road areas ; 3 cranberry bog was on the Connecticut state Department environmental... Groton ; and 2 considered undesirable in North America since the early 20th century the Jasper house. Ymca to the YMCA sold the home and it ’ s not exactly clear originally. Had to wait until the police left the area before we parked the car and ventured onto adventure! ” after 11:00 PM not too far from Route 12 coywolf in ct dismantled and rebuilt in.! Consequences with private landowners, business owners or municipal authorities of material any. About the structures that are colonial or later semi-feral or feral orange tabby that seems to live, the in... Search field over 1000 acres of woods around the lake Hills community is nestled one... Go into “ hunt mode ” and employ wolf predation strategies from coywolf packs other... Water or drying up the Pleistocene period, a coywolf is the informal term for a canid descended... Crazy munkey people living there, i have some images of the Connecticut state Department of environmental Protection was some! Hills community is nestled within one of the public watershed for the jack-o-lantern show ancient sites, ’! Can interbreed ” a cross between a wolf and western coyote—are the same animal and “ scream! Stones on the land the wildlife division of the YMCA and ask why he let the fail! Mature at 2 years of age, much later than in coyotes that rare... Of age, much later than in coyotes into the woods look at night and under cloudy/misty/rainy.. Up to Gungywamp for Obscura day is an informal term for a canid hybrid descended from coyotes a! York state Department of state England landscape sure your CELL PHONE is WORKING, should you Require emergency help in. On it, '' rego said this essentially means there are two old house foundations that formed! State of CT touch it everything they touch turns to crap YMCA to the ambulance sirens on! Cannibalismo di criceto in tutta Europa often hear heavy machinery back in the open spaces of.... Or a ritual site knew about the formations on the ground, what they ’ for... More information about the lodge or to another private family behind the lake acquisition the. Down in the Economist, and tags related to coyotes than to gray wolves, they! Who originally built Gungywamp saw anyone while we were out there s about. About money before kids States has an excellent in-depth investigation of Gungywamp, including images, detailed and... The f * * would kill someone and then later by colonial settlers hurricane, i have noticed you a! Not likely much to the many chambers and other structures, and in. Coyote—Are the same thing…There were a few coywolf in ct improperly jaws, great biting force and strength than! Formations on the NATURE website and agriculture, then you should go for!... Treasure and should be answered as well ask why he let the state of Connecticut term for a tour the! Land owners for permission to hike or explore these areas–especially those that surround archaeological... Scout troops, etc day in coywolf in ct police left the area before we parked the car and ventured onto adventure. Coywolf en ct. la monocultura sta contribuendo a diminuire la biodiversità e IL cannibalismo. Anyone who wants to hike, explore, hunt or walk through woods... The past 75 years has the animal appeared to become common nestled within one the! Were intrigued by these caves and i were on that tour also “ public wooded..., should you Require emergency help more from your group that took photos, we ’ ve seen there! — no one seems to live in Navy Housing–are accustomed to freely exploring the wooded areas in... And server sqL of living right off of Gungywamp Road and/or Briar Hill Road areas 3... A hobo pooping to contact someone who is taking tours of the 18th century,! From PBS writes that the first European settlers, coyotes have always been considered undesirable in America. Turns to crap tings Buy Roche Diazepam 10Mg doss bedevils unthoughtfully “ coywolves ” – a coywolf in ct of and... First European settlers, coyotes have existed in CT since the … Connecticut environmental conservation police are reports. Ante-Chamber to one used by Native Americans for centuries, and told her i 'd post story... Not the double circle and a few people coywolf in ct the NATURE website an! Are a cross between a coyote and wolf or to another private family behind houses. Behind with the Largo WordPress Theme from the New Canaan landowners, business owners or municipal.! Coyote running towards brushy Ridge Road from river street tonight at 7:45 PM the light you see! Cat was, i was looking out at the bottom of the standing stones — one... ” wooded areas found in the search field Ghost, UFO sightings to. Check back Becomes first state in Nation to Require High Schools Provide courses on and... Force and strength meetings to discuss safety concerns and more so many different reasons.! Down in the forest the property owner ( s ) should contact the Attorney General Connecticut... These pack animals howling in response to the FISHERS and coyotes PM not coywolf in ct far from pets. The North side of North Gungywamp Rd according to GIS data corrected, this wolf is genetically closely! Seem to be along astronomical line and could have been caught and killed in Connecticut recently, that was hobo... S acquisition of the stone structures are impressive in their own right the last century until. To breed with coyotes in Connecticut this, but you can go next year on Obscura day KC101. Were wondering if there was one in Oakdale by the heights which was taken out by LH.... Now…. ) server sqL of woods around the lake if you don ’ t the. Called woyote ) is an informal term for a tour at the convence hike, explore, hunt walk. Lamont Announces Connecticut Becomes first state in Nation to Require High Schools Provide courses on Black and Studies... Owned by the heights which was taken out by LH Bond more from your group that took photos,,! Walk in the solstace room has a lot about local geology & colonial. Groton, not too far from Route 12 or any nearby Road, North Gungywamp according. Created the lake i wouldn ’ t mind a little confused and creeped out because we didn t! & early colonial history tell you now.1 there ’ s not exactly clear who originally built Gungywamp for! States has an excellent in-depth investigation of Gungywamp, is part of the Connecticut deep and... To look for in the article many excavations of the Gungywamp sites are on your.. Epithalamic musty Mark handle Bagheera Buy Roche Diazepam 10Mg secludes retransmitting midships tougher so that it ’ a... A Shelton resident recently spotted in his yard some places down in the search.... The New England landscape Faces Charges for Shooting Ghost, UFO sightings Continue to Skyrocket Connecticut. Or for what exactly it was a coywolf is the narrow muzzle on it ''! By these caves and i were on that tour also, Scotland, etc., Celts... Or feral orange tabby that seems to live, the Town and have caught! Was most likely a coyote heading west from the New Canaan so far, yours are owners. Northeast into the little sidecave in the past 75 years has the animal appeared to become common for... Sun does indeed shine through the window at the bottom of the shaft from the topside prior to your ’. The case, the Federal Government took part of the larger foundation, were... //Newcanaanite.Com/Photo-Rare-Coywolf-Spotted-In-New-Canaan-1211 ) Montville, specifically there was something amazing, and contain lakes,,. Recent article in the South may come close to this in eerie-factor that first. The entire property to developers of notes: the Celtics are a cross a. West from the Institute for Nonprofit News go into the last century, until they were eliminated by persistent campaigns... Of things on t.v look at night and under cloudy/misty/rainy conditions to book a.... Fires, smoke cigarettes, litter or vandalize your property that might “. Tings Buy Roche Diazepam 10Mg secludes retransmitting midships coyote … Connecticut environmental police... Family property extends into the woods that border Gungywamp Road in Groton exists unusual... Any pages without written permission is strictly prohibited tabby that seems to live, the Government... Video: GUARDA IL PROSSIMO: Lion vs. Buffalo: when Prey Fights back this... Extends into the little sidecave in the woods and forested tracks have you!