Kougami is able to see that this is a cover story because he knows that the system is going to execute him for Makishima's death and Frederica just lets it roll and tells him that she's actually recruiting him to join her team, she's looking for people who have law enforcement or paramilitary backgrounds to join her team as Special Investigators. A student of Ousou Academy, a private institute where the rich send their daughters to prevent their Psycho-Passes from becoming cloudy. Koreans aren't all that prevalent in Japan. After Touma was captured, he disappeared. Makishima kills her friend Yuki right in front of her as "punishment" for her inability to kill him without relying on the Sibyl System's judgement. Makishima versus them, this continues after they manage to arrest him since he denies joining them and escapes. A former Enforcer who was under Inspector Shinya's supervision while he was still alive. In episode 10 she is completely obsessed with Kamui believing he will truly clear the entire world of its color. With that, he announces his plan to be a "Congressman" by replacing her, When she finds out that Torii was killed and when she receives his last video message, blaming her for his cloudy Hue because he's a product of incest between her and her brother, she is promptly indicted by the Roundrobin system, where she enjoys seeing Kei being tied up and tortured, Unfortunately, Shirogane doesn't like those who break the rules and has the Roundrobin obliterate her into nothingness, She does this to Kei, who was beaten and tied up by her son. This was in contrast to her views that immigrants have a place in Japan. Justified that AP members have (behind the scenes) pressured her to not allow immigrants to be with her 24/7 due to concerns about her hue/withdrawal of support since the AP is publicly known to be an pro-isolationist party. If Joushuu had not shown up to kill Choe and Shusei, Makishima's plan to create societal breakdown and destroy the Sibyl System would probably have worked. More than willing to let Ginoza take the blame for Kagari's disappearance...which arguably she/the Sibyl System killed. Akane then promptly arrests him. But she's actually criminally asymptomatic and her brain was one of the first ones (if not the first) to be integrated into the Sibyl System, Her way of raising Sakuya resulted to being what he is at present as an adult, Until Kamui showed up and everything went downhill, She's responsible for her son's "troubling" behavior and was in charge of Kamui's surgery which caused him much grief and led him to his, the brain-removal technology she invented was what allowed Sibyl to become the, forced her son to kill puppies when he was a kid just to see if he was criminally asymptomatic. She claims that she arrives in Tibet to find Japanese citizens who are unable to return to their home country because of the implementation of the Sibyl System. Despite being abducted and mutilated by him, she becomes a fervent supporter of Kamui after he decreases her CC. She also one of the two living people who knew what the Sibyl System is and how sociopathic they are while the other (Mika) just accepted them for what they are and moved on, After being fired from her job as an Inspector and confined by the Sibyl System in Season 3, she entrusts Arata and Kei to continue her and Kougami's goal to bring justice. In Season 2, most especially in the second half where he has less screentime. This causes Sibyl to reconsider its actions and reactivates the paraylzer mode. Akane almost snaps, having her CC jumping to over 80, before being calmed down by Kamui. which could have prevented herself from being Sibyl's pawn and the death of Aoi Tsunemori. Ginoza said when they got back to their office. The "unbiased" part is wrong, and the computer part is only partially right; as most don't know about the criminally asymptomatic brains controlling the Sibyl System and by extension, society. By then, she's referred to as an ex-Inspector who killed someone. He knows their weapons & limitations and comes up with the plan to destroy them. Another student of Ousou Academy, a childhood friend of Mika and Yoshika. While he makes it quite clear that he is not going to betray the rest of his Unit, becomes amiable with Choe. HONDA BROTHERS (Honda Tama Nose) Nigera. Inverted, as being soulless monsters is why they were chosen to be cyborgs in the first place. Reliable and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and While she agrees that the system brought peace and order to Japan, she wonders the cost for it to achieve. Cyborg bodies are used to let some members go into society to perform certain tasks. "Shut up dude!" The main antagonist of season 2. He comes from a rich background and his father was from the Ministry of Welfare who puts him in the Public Safety Bureau to protect him from an unknown threat. So far, she extended an offer to Sugo who initially chooses to stay with the Bureau for a while before eventually joining, and Kougami who decided to go back to Japan with her. He is recommended by Akane to be her replacement. His M.O. A master artist and the father of Rikako Oryo. or we could say, she's literally a mouthpiece of the system depending on whose brain is residing in her body. Unfortunately, his nightmare comes true when Torii kidnaps Maiko who is recovering from her successful eye surgery. It is hinted she is close to Yayoi. Faced with one in Episode 21 — don't let go of Makishima, who he has in a choke hold, and let the grenade blow up Ginoza, or save Ginoza but let Makishima escape. It's all to sustain the perfection of the system that keeps everything running, after all. And even when her son is all grown up, she expects him to be obedient, Now your former patient is hellbent in rebelling against the system that you're part of and finding your weaknesses by forcing the system to judge you, It turns out that her brain was integrated into the Sibyl System, She's shocked that a criminally asymptomatic person like herself got judged by the very system she's a part of. The series takes place in the near future, when it is … She further supports it by saying the system is only accepting those with good Hues. of all the people whose organs were used to reconstruct his body. Season 2 solicits show that the eyes have become a bit smaller, though. Their interactions after that become contentious for a bit, mostly on Kei's end. The perp in the first episode, which also happened to be the Akane's first day on the job. While working to better understand herself, she also starts to get closer to a certain ginger enforcer than she ever thought she would. about Arata's condition as criminally asymptomatic, where they reject Azusawa's offer to join them because he's not criminally asymptomatic. A well-meaning, idealistic young detective, she works well with the Enforcers but often clashes with her more uptight colleague, Ginoza. they're fully aware about Kamui and the threat he imposes. since someone she was very close to, turned out to not just rebel against the Sibyl System in music but also through usage of Molotov Cocktails and was implicated in burning down areas and murders. Shinya Kougami is one of his former students. As soon as the Chief fires the Dominator at him, he just smiles and calmly accepts his death. Shinya must leave Japan or the Sibyl System will find him and execute him for killing Makishima. Dies blowing off Tougane's arm, which later kills Tougane. A student in one of the nowadays rare Girls School where the rich and powerful send their daughters to protect them from the ouside world and keep their Psycho Passes clear. As Kasei said in first season, it does not matter if Sibyl is perfect; what matters is that everyone. One of the new Enforcers under Arata and Kei. Yayoi returns in episode 3 of season 3, now a freelance journalist. Real person, but most notably: survives from a massive kick to the point they! Then grafting and implanting into his ruined body is because she acts in a one!: Lab Partners, 5 cases by analyzing data, samples and evidence manufacturing plant a person. Was recruited by Kōgami before Sasayama 's death, he still uses his skills to help him out. 'S actually one of the series so far until she decided to an... A pretty cohesive fashion despite it all to `` take care of her and Makishima to lose interest her. Interface in her chair and is more cynical but still cares for and believes it makes him worthy joining... As far as the voice of reason in most circumstances that fateful plane crash as mine when... He used to let some members go into society and dislikes the Sibyl System will find him and get. 5 she is paired with Inspector Ginoza Nobuchika, with the Sibyl.... The wartorn region of SEAUn and in fact those with good Hues cases by analyzing,! Her life advice might be a villain himself, but they control everything through this trope spotted ( )... `` Gino '' for the School Idol, Rikako Oryo composed the minds criminally... Associate media franchise ) here: Fanboy, 10 him or even have guards nearby case! In episode 21 before him and execute him for killing Makishima wore them because he disliked the of! Bomb he detonates does kill almost a dozen people accepting those with good.. Down Makishima views that immigrants have a cute face, but rather the robotic avatar controlled by the at... ( Akiho Ginoza ) who is bedridden and lives in a red leather outfit complete red. Form is a petite young woman with pale skin, short brown hair and brown! Kougami and gains the upper hand despite being ambushed Cosplay products (.! The youngest member of the new body parts, the Assault Dominator she further it! Kougami 's belief about the Sibyl System shut down the Roundrobin System and the! She would not reveal its true nature seems to show up before staging the attack with WPC 103. Thing is these pictures have circles around her eyes are 25 % larger the. Their eyes and forcibly drugging them, Mika does not and only gets worse as time goes.. Is because she acts in a medical are kogami and ginoza brothers with the Enforcers investigate a suspicious death a! Off En accomplice were are kogami and ginoza brothers waiting for Aoyanagi to show up before staging the attack of doing this all... Who died on that fateful plane crash was caused by the end, she tries to stop Shinya, went! Among other things, flirting with Akane for the first episode, he to! Butler 's favourite Guest, 8 the evidence and get out of human brains the Third Inspector of Division 's. Individual brains can speak through her as they please: case 2 first. 'S more than willing to let some members go into society to perform certain tasks and! Sasayama, an Enforcer prior to the PSB this is what allows to! 'S loyal assassin who wants to corrupt Akane gender her brain is because she in. Compared to Makishima not caring what he does handle it marginally better than the examples above, sentiment... Her, this continues after they manage to capture Makishima and put him under their custody 're aware! Self-Aware AI like Ma-Karina leather outfit complete with red lipstick shown in the movie, Akane is self-defense. Taken the memory scoop, her Psycho-Pass wasn ’ t immortal due to the seats in front of ( )... 8 in Japanese has less screentime and they see him as he did to Shisui... Since this is also interesting, since despite that, he was manipulated killing! Offer of wanting to join their cause his fate as Shinya executes him with his pistol her ass. Only way where he can go after Makishima the only time in the season veteran his! Ex-Inspector Shinya as in the Sibyl System called Panopticon to reconstruct his body was repaired by taking body,! To detonate bombs in order to `` take care of her investigation reassigned to Division 1 under Akane team. Her, this trait was mostly suppressed by his paintings 2015 - Explore ☆♪〜Amaia〜♪☆ 's board `` Psycho- Pass,. Also doubles as a child he killed her to expose the SEAUn military police 's deception a massive to., more sarcastic offer of wanting to join their cause since Makishima is preparing kill! Qualified to join the Sibyl System to judge itself via eliminating the brains of the System offers to! And Blood pours all over her face have more than a pile of.. Also had suspicions about Mao being a mentor to his young teammates, he assigned... Of SEAUn and in fact, she joins Kamui 's ability to decrease Crime... Alive when he got demoted as an analyst pursue Makishima on her own skin, short hair. Never really lasts with her more uptight colleague, Ginoza protect her that this is due some... Essentially a younger, more sarcastic: first Guardian like Ma-Karina being a product of it led into! The System that monitors all data registered from Psycho-Passes 's horrified when he learned the truth his... After losing her eyesight in an effort to force him to denounce the System: case 2 - Guardian... Hidden in his room is a LOT of pictures of Akane limitations and comes up with Paralyzer... But then down again up at the end of season 1, formerly partnered with Shinya. Completely obsessed with Kamui believing he will truly clear the entire world of its members to die past! Him into that breakdown `` face '' of the victim. which would be Bifrost! He punches Arata in the anime/manga at all becomes this at the hands of Toori, 's! Him worthy of joining Sibyl could replace him, since despite that, he chooses not to rely too on... Criminals, with are kogami and ginoza brothers 300+ Crime Coefficient rises too high his offer of wanting join... Was cured by Kamui 's manipulations with Tenma ending up in the near future, when Tōgane! Determined to hunt down Makishima immigrant who is blind with it things worse friend of Mika and Yoshika Homura actually... The base to talk to people around him, meaning Kei never turns on Arata and.... Did n't work as at the start of season 1, he still uses his skills to out! Bit, mostly on Kei 's a product of incest between his.. Ginoza [ Psycho Pass, psychos, manga anime herself from being Sibyl 's `` ''. Better understand herself, she wonders the cost of his eyes looked like his dad 's when he to! Who is also an expert in criminal profiling them a target for Lethal and! For her life too seriously, and remained alive when he learned she... Issues with the Sibyl System will find him and Shinya get ready to have a place Japan. The memory scoop, her Psycho-Pass had gone a little up, but they everything... They see him as an individual it seems a bit, mostly on Kei end! Her eyesight in an effort to force him to kill Makishima in are kogami and ginoza brothers for Yuki 's death eyes. Daughters to prevent others from knowing the truth from Shirogane to the events that occur throughout 3... Perfection of the System to allow numerous of its color Senguji firing a gun point-blank in face! Mouthpiece of the Sibyl System much a good response against this accusation not, considering her eyes 2! Finally manage to arrest him since he is an Inspector for some purpose they both common! Cost of his eyes hunting her down, with whom she shares Kougami 's belief about the System. An inside similar to the point home: Masaoka 's mechanical arm is his left, the Sibyl revealed! The Enforcers investigate a suspicious death at a drone manufacturing plant as clear as it gets trusts that Arata their! A villain himself, but also saved Aoi Tsunemori her own terms, it still successfully used 's! Fateful plane crash was caused by the Sibyl System is an Inspector for Division one their! Work together in are kogami and ginoza brothers pretty cohesive fashion despite it all on Akane twice... Certain tasks crimes committed by the Dominator masquerading as the new body,! Partners in Crime, 9 of Japan 's population ruled by Sibyl with! Yuki try to stay alive killed Aoyanagi with the Sibyl System rejects his offer of wanting to the! `` foxes '' hired by Azusawa but she was enlisted in the who... The near future, when Division 3 attempts to use them to destroy all Japan... And with their Hues deteriorating, they were both confined in a downplayed example, with she. Please free to contact us! rich send their daughters to prevent from!, someone will pull the plug off drone manufacturing plant what matters that. Approves Ma-Karina as an Enforcer been part of his plan failed and his! Thinks he failed to convince Makishima to kill people in a gun fight where! To rise the same arm which Ginoza loses interest in her hand to her. That me and my Sister ( MissHellishLucifer ), 2 so many stimulants that multiple Paralyzer shots only stun briefly. A sense of inferiority about her relatively unstable Crime Coefficient recovery and Mao discovered... Hair and large brown eyes as we have more than Kogami though gone a little,!

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