There is a technology that we call the microlidar array, which is really an array of lidar elements that we’re putting together in a fully automated fashion, effectively creating the ability to miniaturize multi-channel lidars and create form factors that are very persuasive. Mr. Hall’s invention revolutionized perception and autonomy for automotive, new mobility, mapping, robotics, and security. One thing is for certain - this will be a VERY interesting year for Velodyne, and what happens next, and how quickly it happens, will reveal very quickly whether or not this was the best decision, or worst mistake, in the company's 28 year history. There’s your relationship with GeoSlam. And I think we will continue to expand our footprint globally and impact both directly and indirectly all these different companies which are working with us, buying our product, manufacturing our product and supplying subsystems into our applications. LM: Your PhD was from Rochester Institute of Technology, in the area of RF data? AG: Broadly speaking, this dovetails into the strategy that I was just telling you about. As demand for automation grows by the day, we are seeing exciting new uses of Velodyne’s lidar sensors worldwide. David Hall and Velodyne get a good write-up in there. LM: Now, I completely understand that you don’t want to answer any questions about your financial numbers because your company is privately held. Thank you very much for giving so generously of your time. He’s passionate about the technology, has a vision for the business and really wants to see his technology proliferate in all of these different applications. And that’s allowed us to really accelerate and bring to market effectively a suite of software that’s ready to go, this year. He put some stuff on a Toyota pickup truck and the rest is history. Can you say anything at all about the number of employees? LM: I don’t want to spend much time on history, but I think you may have seen a book about the history of lidar by Todd Neff 1. So if you see level four, level five autonomy, you still see the rotational 360° surround-view lidar, often roof-mounted, as being the reference architecture. Even your eight-thousand-dollar Puck is a little bit of a worry to put on a five-thousand-dollar UAV in case it crashes! These are not eight point-solutions that have been put together. Velodyne Acoustics, Inc. manufactures audio products. And then eventually, as the prices come down, it makes its way into the big tier and the lower tier segment. And you’re doing the same. As this continues, it will be a very exciting, intense and busy time for us as a business. You’re seeing many companies die on the vine as well, especially in the harsh economic conditions. There’s the NavVis VLX, an indoor mobile mapping system. That’s what allows us to be able to get economies of scale and leverage it. I worked a lot on optical transceiver technology. I suppose I got into that because I noticed when I was coming to visit you in January that you became CEO and David moved to chairman at almost the same time that Steve Berglund at Trimble moved to chairman and Rob Painter became CEO, and Dr. Eldada at Quanergy Systems moved to a sort of consultant role. Velodyne’s microlidar array, an eight-channel lidar element with fixed lasers, detectors and ASICs developed in-house. 3.9 out of 5 stars 6. We have been developing our own lidar ASICs—application specific integrated circuits for lidar—for about four years. Shipping. Velodyne Acoustics, Inc. first gained a lot of traction in our industry years ago with a line of higher-end, technologically sophisticated subwoofers created by engineer and founder David Hall. Velodyne Velabit: $100 lidar breakthrough. Fields of view of multiple lidar sensors fitted to a vehicle. Tel: +1 (301) 668.8887. Either way, it's usually a matter of having better control over who sells their products and who's accountable for their success or failure. Velodyne Lidar, Inc. today announced a multi-year sales agreement with Blue City Technology, developer of a Smart City system for traffic monitoring.The Blue City Technology solution, equipped with Velodyne’s lidar sensors, helps improve road safety and mobility by providing real-time multi-modal traffic data and analytics to traffic lights. The Automated with Velodyne program allows us to be able to deeply engage with our customers on these activities and accelerate the adoption of their end technology into their markets, which obviously is a great benefit to us as well. That transition as a business requires a set of people to manage it. I believe a lot of lidar in industrial and automotive segments is really a trade-off between high performance and manufacturability. We have been able to attract some great talent too. I use to own the VRP12 when it 1st came out. You talk about Emesent, which we know quite well in the geospatial world. Do you want to say something to put them in context? AG: The company, of course, has been the first mover and the incumbent for over a decade and has very long-term relationships with many of these customers. This has allowed us to collapse the entire bill of materials for lidar into a couple of pieces of silicon and drive huge benefits from a bill of materials, cost and reliability standpoint. We are still, first and foremost, a technology company. You can build a very low-performance lidar that’s very easy to manufacture. And we have the entire solution of how to drive intelligence and value from the lidar. There’s two things we want to do. Velodyne Terminates Reps & Becomes an Internet Direct Subwoofer Company, DEQ-R Series (some models listed as out of stock), DLS-R Series (some models listed as out of stock), Impact Series (some models listed as out of stock), Optimum Series (some models listed as out of stock). Audio Reference of Germany purchased the subwoofer company lock, stock and barrel. Velodyne is back in business!!! AG: Exactly. So as chairman he’s very much still involved from a vision perspective. He no longer represents Audioholics in any fashion. Again, we have a broad portfolio going from the Velabit to the VELARRAY to cover that space very well. So it’s my dad’s turn to say he told me so! That’s been the other sea change that’s happened. We have taken some of the concepts and technologies that really made optical transceivers as ubiquitous as they are today and we’ve been able to apply them to mass produce lidar at scale, which is where we are as a company. The Velodyne cost about 3 times as much. AG: The common thread is a series of industries that are at an inflection point, going from what I would call the research and development phase to the commercialization phase across many different applications. representatives.". Velodyne has always been considered an installer-only and brick-and-mortar brand. All these other industries are benefiting and scaling quite rapidly today. & they sent it in for repair. David Hall cited Asia manufacturing and the Internet medium as core reasons why Velodyne made the change. So we covered Velabit then you touched on the VELARRAY. Velodyne still exists, but it appears that their audio business does not. Five of the six contestants who completed the urban challenge had David’s lidar on them and it started off an autonomous revolution. We have a customer developing disinfecting robots, as an example. I really appreciate that. LM: I think that, in the geospatial world, there are still some companies reluctant to put lidar on UAVs because of the cost. He is an ASPRS-certified photogrammetrist. representatives who have made numerous contributions to Velodyne over So we have both direct sales as well as distributor relationships in all major geographies. This is something that happens in many industries but canning the whole front office is a bit less common. So there’s a bit of a difference—four orders of magnitude. entire network of manufacturer reps, and selling direct to consumer. It’s a vast array of form factors and applications all the way from something as big as the wheel on the top of the car to now something that’s tiny. ", This is a profound change for a company that told us not too long ago that they had zero interest in selling their products online. You can go for something, maybe a thousand-dollar price-point. Can you imagine what you could do, even in a mid-tier car, to make the car much safer for the occupants as well as for the general public around them? Our customers are transitioning and the business is transitioning from providing technology for research and development projects, to being able to provide mass market technology to all these different applications that are actually going out into the field. I think that’s what attracted me to lidar, because essentially I’d been working on the communications side of things. And then, of course, in non-automotive the possibilities are limitless. David and I spent a lot of time thinking about technology strategy and business strategy over these years, which enabled the transition to CEO. AG: It’s the quintessential American inventor story. But a lot of this seeding activity over the past four or five years is now coming to fruition with many of these technologies effectively moving into the commercialization phase. But a high-performance one is usually very difficult to manufacture. In fact, the company seemed proud of its dealer network and their placement in brick and mortar stores (the latter of which we are guessing they aren't trying to take away just yet). We are able to support them as they walk the walk towards mass-market adoption of their technology by providing them the lidar and, in some cases, the software that allows them to scale this in the most cost-efficient manner. LM: Yes. It’s incredible that, even today, a lot of the participants in that Grand Challenge are very much still in the autonomy industry, in fact, in leadership positions across most of our customers. How do you see things going for the rest of this year and then in the future? A key portion of the strategy is being able to create these long-term relationships with customers as they scale. If the manufacturer used distributors, they may stop their relationship because some distributors may not be as strong with A/V as they are with some of the other lines they sell, like white goods (appliances). “Let our rigorous testing and reviews be your guidelines to A/V equipment – not marketing slogans”. Now you are six months into the CEO post. We have many customers developing touchless delivery services so medicines, goods and groceries can be delivered into communities that are affected. AG: Exactly. And I’m sure in these other applications that you’re talking about, such as automated delivery systems, similarly, very impressive integrators have been leading the way. The Velodyne DEQ-15R 15-Inch Powered Subwoofer - 1500 Watts of Dynamic Power at Your Command There's nothing small about the DEQ-15R 15-inch powered subwoofer when it comes to power or performance. What brought you to the company? It’s obviously true in North America, Europe and the Middle East as well as in Asia-Pacific. It’s put together in a completely automated fashion. There’s an incredible amount of talent in the space. The Velodyne sub/sat combination handled this situation pretty well, considering the size of my main A/V room. The DEQ-15R starts with Velodyne's high quality Class D digital amplifier cranking out 1500 watts dynamic power and 750 watts RMS. And they never worked in the night. Marta Hall, Velodyne president, will focus her attention on sales and marketing for the company’s audio division. And we continue to do that both directly in the case of some customers and through our sales distribution partners in many cases as well, on a worldwide basis., The company had grown and expanded over the years – adding a soon-to-be renamed marine division, and a division developing LIDAR, the technology that helps self-driving cars “see” their way around. So the interesting conversation we’re starting to have in the automotive space, with many of our customers, is: think about the fact that you have one-hundred-dollar lidar content plus some compute and software. Not a bad sub at all, but the VX11 which I own now do sound mighty nice for the price I paid for them. The spokesman also said that part of this was to address unauthorized Internet sales which harm the company's business partners, but I'm not sure how selling online directly will address that unless the company maintains MAP. And that was going to be in my next question, how that fitted in. Velodyne’s founder, David Hall, invented real-time surround view lidar systems in 2005 as part of Velodyne Acoustics. And obviously, as the leader in this space with the broadest installed base of our technology, we think we’re well suited to leverage our software to be able to effectively increase our monetization of the technology. In particular, the sensors have reached the point where they can be mounted on UAVs. as again the most cutting edge and exciting audio company.". So maybe you could talk about your sales strategy and sales agreements. Many of our customers are big, marquee, blue chip companies which have many different needs for lidar and our ability to have this breadth of the portfolio allows us to serve these customers across all the different applications. Those very interesting conversations have started because of development. We feel that Velodyne has made a very dramatic and exciting move. SAN JOSE, Calif.- Velodyne Lidar, Inc. today announced a multi-year partnership agreement with Outsight, the company that is a leading innovator in Smart Cities monitoring. In particular, how David saw an opportunity in the DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004. Tell us a little bit about that and about the technology, the miniaturization and then also the application of Velabit. We believe that when we’re able to partner deeply with the customer, enable their end application, as we do with the Automated with Velodyne program, and then, in many cases, co-market that application and bring it to their end customer together, then we are able to drive adoption of the technology much faster. Velodyne Lidar, Inc. announced a multi-year sales ... Vice President of Business Development, Velodyne ... invented real-time surround view lidar systems in 2005 as part of Velodyne Acoustics.

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