A Good Deal With CO2 capsules costing just around 75 pence each and the rifle on sale in gun shops for only £179.95, I reckon SMK’s new TH78D must be one of the deals of the decade. Information about SMK Air Rifles. This is one fine rifle. It's a short range target rifle, not a hunter. Powered by two CO2 capsules (2 … SMK QB78 Target .177 Bolt Action Co2 Air Rifle. Can't wait for warmer weather to try it outside. Set up a target at the desired shooting distance. Once charged the SMK QB78D CO2 simply requires cocking via the bolt action. £3.30. Product is on sale now. At 70 Deg. I get 70 good accurate shots per 2 co2 cartridge's. £174.99. SMK supplies highly-popular air rifles designed to offer “brilliant customer value” with realistic pricing. Manufactured to SMK specification and fitted with some UK manufactured parts, the SMK QB78D CO2 is assembled, regulated, and prepared by skilled English Gunsmiths. My dealer rang smk and was told that if he sent the gun back they would repair it and send it … So I put up a target and started shooting. Featuring a smooth side lever action and Dioptre sights, it is very easy to use and get a great shot. QB78 Match - .177 CO2 Air Rifle. Inquire . This makes the rifle suited to pest control as well as target shooting. Magazine for QB 78/79 and Crosman 2250 / 2240 steel breech, two versions for both airguns. The noise level is low. Clean tidy Co2 powered QB78D Target Air rifle in .22 … Air Guns Air Rifles Used £ 150. Airgunner Magazine Article.. SMK CR600W 1.77 OR 22 NEW ( NVN4353 ) Very well built super light weight gun complete with open sight and silencer. (FACE TO FACE DELIVERY ONLY @ £14.99. You need to register before you can post: click the register link to proceed. This latest version of the ever popular QB78 range from SMK is a fantastic pest or vermin control air rifle thanks to its high power and near silent, recoilless shooting. As has been said, original seals are a pain. smk , qb78D, .22, Used - Mint Condition, co2, Air Rifle from wales, Pembrokeshire New and Used Guns for Sale PLease dont pass this as they are cheap guns and have had bad reviews, this little baby is very accurate and powerful, it was last chronographed at 12ft lbs Smack on the legal limit, and when scope is zeroed in wont miss a target. Here at "the Official QB78 Family Website," you have found the widest range of QB78-family air guns and rifles available anywhere, including some models unique to Archer Airguns.All these rifles share the same basic characteristics - single shot, bolt operation, and CO2 propulsion. The QB78 is an upgrade from the XS78 and features gold trigger and bolt as well as shooting around a ft/lb more powerfully. The PSI dropped significantly to about half during my very first shooting session and has to go back to Pyramid the next day. Beeman AR2078A CO2 Target Rifle 0.177 If you are looking for an Archer Airguns QB78 Repeater or QB79 Repeater, the spiritual successor to these products is the Umarex Gauntlet. Upgraded Transfer Port and Seal - SMK QB78, QB79 / TH78, TH79 / XS78, XS79 etc. After only charging the gun with co2 5 times the main seals blew. Free P&P . Things I would have changed: Quality control and reliability .My rifle failed after just shooting less than 30 rounds. I tried a Buna-N 70D O-ring for the gas tube end cap - it worked for a single charge, but the socker swelled up 25% - it's obviously not a suitable material. It is powered by 2 x 12g co2 capsules ( ive included 5) you can by these for 75p each or 5 for £3 (what i last paid) you get 40 shots out of this in full power.

Now for sale i Have my QB78D, which has a ags pcr 1 stock on it, brass bolt and trigger. Focus the front-bell (or side-wheel) parallax adjustment to provide a clear image of the target. Supplied with fully adjustable rear sight, Grooved for use with a telescopic sight. Each kit is allocated a degree of difficulty from one to five stars, as follows: * Suitable for a novice to undertake. £189.95. SMK Supergrade co2 TH78D Bolt Action Air Rifle Deluxe. I love this rifle. Bullseye, tight groups. QB78, QB78D, XS78, TH78 Piercing Cap & Valve O-Ring Seal URETHANE #3401 Or #0409. Okehampton, South West. 13 offers from $10.99. £29.99 + £4.95 P&P . These kits also fit the re-branded QB78 family air rifles such as the Tech Force TF78, TF78D, TF78T and the SMK XS78 and XS79. Be the first to review this product . Some parts may be already together in sub-assemblies. The rifle comes with the Custom gold bolt and trigger blade of the TH78D. The larger .22 calibre also provides more energy transfer into the target for cleaner one hit kills. SMK QB78D Target Co2 Bolt Action Air Rifle Just released RRP 179 99 MR SERVICES PRICE 174 99 SUPERB MODEL GREAT LOOKS GREAT PERFORMANCE Please note Once replaced, they hold gas for a long time. Not sure about this model, but my AR2079A (non SMK Target XS79) has a choked barrel and is good for 50m. At 50 yards your point of impact is not only a whole foot below your target, but you are also hitting that target with barely 4fpe of energy. SMK - Sportsmarketing QB78D TARGET .22 Air Rifles. SMK supplies highly-popular air rifles designed to offer “brilliant customer value” with realistic pricing. - YouTube QB78 MAG WARNING! The iron sights are almost identical to what was on my first .22 when I was a kid. Anyhow, just looking to find out what is the right size and material for these 2 O-rings that come in contact with the CO2. SMK QB78D Supergrade Deluxe Co2 Bolt Action. The average Standard Deviation recorded in the 10-shot HAM test target strings was just 3.21 FPS. It's based on the Crosman 160 design of the 1950s. QB78 Repeater Upgrade Kit | Airgun Depot QB78 Repeater Upgrade Kit: pin. £85.00. £ 150. SMK .177 Target QB78D CO2 Air Rifle (R/H) - S/H Trade seller - Advertised for 161 days until 1/07/2020 for £145. Double charged. 177 Co2 Bolt Action rifle with around 6ft/lb in power. The Target QB78 is the final evolution of the bolt action 78 line. SMK QB78D deluxe co2 air rifle. an uncluttered target such as a light-colored painted wall makes this adjustment simplest. Ambidextrous stock, adjustable single stage trigger with manual safety. I converted mine to HPA. Accuracy. The Canadian Airgun Forums are a place for people to discuss and learn about airguns and the airgunning sport in Canada. Trigger pull weight was also remarkably consistent for an air rifle of this price. Remember we deliver air rifles & pistols straight to your door! SMK .22 Target QB78D (Bolt action) CO2 Air Rifle (R/H) - New Private seller - Advertised for 30 days until 20/12/2017 for £160. SMK 78/79 Multi Shot manual indexing Magazine System - Woodfield SMK 78/79 Multi Shot manual indexing Magazine System: pin. SMK Universal Co2 Rifle Seal Kit Fits XS78 QB78 TH78 Target QB78 Match 78 XS79. QB78 Target Repeating Air Rifle Mod - YouTube QB78 Target Repeating Air Rifle Mod: pin. This helped when shooting at an upward angle – I simply slid the pad up to its top position, which dropped the butt and brought the gun on line with the target. ad ref. Now, I knew this from the get go, but I was surprised at how quickly it swelled and by how much. Notify me when this product is in stock . It is just heavy enough to allow for a steady hold, but not too heavy. Deluxe version of the sturdily constructed compact CO2 powered air rifle with superb top quality hard wood stock. At 10 yards 10 shots 1/8 inch group. Enhanced by its gold anodising on the bolt and trigger and innovative fibre optic sights.